Artificial intelligence
Just a few years ago, artificial intelligence got barely a mention at the U.N. General Assembly’s convocation of world leaders.
Wildfires fueled by climate change have ravaged communities from Maui to the Mediterranean this summer, killing many people, exhausting firefighters and fueling demand for new solutions.
Britain is pitching itself to the world as a ready leader in shaping an international response to the rise of artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence tools that can conjure whimsical artwork or realistic-looking images from written commands started wowing crowds last year.
Pennsylvania state government will prepare to use artificial intelligence in its operations, as states are increasingly trying to gauge the impact of AI and how to regulate it.
John Grisham, Jodi Picoult and George R.R. Martin are among 17 authors suing OpenAI for “systematic theft on a mass scale.”
Kai Koerber was a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School when a gunman murdered 14 students and three staff members on Valentine’s Day in 2018.
TikTok said on Tuesday it will begin launching a new tool that will help creators label their AI-generated content.
At a closed-door Senate forum, tech leaders loosely endorsed the regulation of artificial intelligence.
If you have watched a telecast involving basketball superstar LeBron James during the past 20 years, you probably have heard an announcer declare: “You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him.”
As they race to capitalize on a craze for generative AI, leading tech developers including Microsoft, OpenAI and Google have acknowledged that growing demand for their AI tools carries hefty costs, from expensive semiconductors to an increase in water consumption.
Political ads using artificial intelligence on Google and YouTube must soon be accompanied by a prominent disclosure if imagery or sounds have been synthetically altered.
The top prosecutors in all 50 states are calling on Congress to study how artificial intelligence can be used to exploit children through pornography, and come up with legislation to further guard against it.
Three visual artists are suing artificial intelligence image-generators to protect their copyrights and careers.
Chinese search engine and artificial intelligence firm Baidu has made its ChatGPT-equivalent language model, Ernie Bot, fully available to the public.
Artificial intelligence has been the buzzword of 2023 ever since ChatGPT made its public debut earlier this year, with businesses, schools, universities and even non-profits looking for ways to integrate AI in their operations.
Computer chip maker Nvidia has rocketed into the constellation of Big Tech’s brightest stars while riding the artificial intelligence craze that’s fueling red-hot demand for its technology.
When President Joe Biden has questions about artificial intelligence, one expert he turns to is his science adviser Arati Prabhakar, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.
The Associated Press has issued guidelines for its journalists on use of artificial intelligence, saying the tool cannot be used to create publishable content and images for the news service.
Amazon is rolling out a generative AI feature that summarizes product reviews for customers. The company said in a blog post Monday that it will use AI to pick out common themes in reviews and summarize them in a short paragraph on the product detail page.
White House officials concerned about AI chatbots’ potential for societal harm and the Silicon Valley powerhouses rushing them to market are heavily invested in a three-day competition ending Sunday at the DefCon hacker convention in Las Vegas.
For many book writers, AI is a threat to their livelihood and the very idea of creativity. More than 10,000 of them endorsed an open letter from the Authors Guild this summer urging AI companies not to use copyrighted work without permission or compensation.
While technology experts sound the alarm on the pace of artificial intelligence development, philanthropists — including long-established foundations and tech billionaires — have been responding with an uptick in grants.
A month after Tom Cruise faced off with an AI supervillain comes a very “Mission: Impossible”-like international espionage thriller with an equally fancy and powerful machine.
The Federal Election Commission has begun a process to potentially regulate AI-generated deepfakes in political ads ahead of the 2024 election.
ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence chatbots have become the go-to source for cheating in college.
News organizations are seeking regulations to govern the fast-moving artificial intelligence technology that threatens upheavals for their businesses.
An update to Zoom’s terms of service is worrying some online that the company now has permission to use their videos and chat logs for artificial intelligence training with no ability to opt out.
The Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game franchise says it won’t allow artists to use artificial intelligence technology to draw its cast of sorcerers, druids and other characters and scenery.
State legislatures across the country are rushing to get a handle on fast-evolving artificial intelligence.