Russia-Ukraine war
Cyprus is hailing a two-notch upgrade by credit ratings agency Moody’s that has brought the east Mediterranean island nation back into investment-grade territory a decade after a financial crisis left the country on the brink of bankruptcy.
President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has appointed former Ukrainian soccer great Andriy Shevchenko as a special adviser and British actor Mark Strong as an ambassador to the charity the Ukrainian president set up to raise money for Ukraine.
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to discuss the status of the war and needs of troops.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has called for an exponential increase in production of nuclear weapons and for his country to play a larger role in a coalition of nations confronting the United States in what he described as a “new Cold War.”
The Ukraine soccer federation says it will boycott any European youth competition that includes Russia as UEFA works on easing a blanket ban imposed since the war started.
Russia has accused Ukraine’s Western allies of helping plan and conduct last week’s missile strike on the Black Sea Fleet’s headquarters in Crimea.
The foreign minister of Belarus says he can’t envision a situation where his country would enter the war in Ukraine alongside Russian forces.
UEFA has made two moves toward partially reintegrating Russia into European soccer despite the ongoing war in Ukraine.
Ukrainian officials say Russia struck the Black Sea region of Odesa in a drone barrage that damaged a warehouse, charred dozens of trucks and injured two drivers in fiery explosions.
Independent U.N.-backed human rights experts say they have turned up continued evidence of war crimes committed by Russian forces in their war against Ukraine.
Ukrainian officials say the missile that blasted the Crimean headquarters of Russia’s navy last week killed 34 officers, including the fleet commander, though it provided no evidence to support its claim.
Oil prices are up, and that affects people far and wide. Drivers pay more for gasoline, and truckers more for diesel.
An imprisoned Russian opposition figure has been transferred to a maximum security prison in Siberia and was placed in a tiny “punishment cell.”
The governor of southern Ukraine’s Kherson region says Russian airstrikes have killed two people and wounded eight others. Gov.
The train that runs from Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, to the city of Kramatorsk in the east stands apart from others in Ukraine.
Pope Francis is labeling the weapons industry as being a key driver of the “martyrdom” of Ukraine’s people in Russia’s war.
Russia says Ukraine has launched another missile attack on Sevastopol on the occupied Crimean Peninsula.
A Ukrainian missile struck the headquarters of Russia’s navy in Crimea. The Russian Defense Ministry initially said one servicemember was killed in the Friday attack, but then issued a statement saying he was missing.
Iran’s supplying of bomb-carrying drones to Russia could see Moscow help Tehran’s program become more lethal, raising risks across the wider Middle East.
A dispute about whether Ukrainian grain should be allowed to enter the domestic markets of Poland and other European Union countries has pushed the tight relationship between Kyiv and Warsaw to its lowest point since Russia invaded Ukraine last year.
Ukraine’s president is accusing Russia of undermining all norms of war and the United Nations Charter. The allegation was aired Wednesday at a meeting of the U.N.
President Joe Biden and his Brazilian counterpart, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, focused on workers’ rights as the leaders of the Western Hemisphere’s largest democracies met Wednesday in New York.
Inflation in Britain fell unexpectedly in August to its lowest level since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Galeno scored two goals and set up a third as Porto eased to a 3-1 win over Ukrainian champion Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League.
Belarusian state media have reported that 48 children from Ukraine arrived in Belarus from Ukrainian regions which Moscow says it has annexed.
For Ksenia Schnaider and her fellow Ukrainian designers, the show must go on despite the war in their country — or precisely because of it.
A Ukrainian governor says Russia launched a massive drone attack on the western city of Lviv, burning down a warehouse said to house humanitarian supplies and killing one man.
President Joe Biden has made his case before the U.N. General Assembly that the world must remain united in defending Ukraine against Russian aggression.
Ukraine is insisting that the United Nations’ highest court has jurisdiction to hear a case alleging that Moscow abused the genocide convention to justify launching its devastating invasion last year.
Iran’s president is denying his country sent drones to Russia for use in the war in Ukraine. It comes even as the United States accuses Iran of not only providing the weapons but helping Russia build a plant to manufacture them.