Middle East
The Emirati president-designate of the upcoming United Nations COP28 climate talks has called on oil and gas companies to be “central to the solution” to fighting climate change as the industry boosts its production to enjoy rising energy prices.
Yemen’s state-run carrier says it has suspended the only air route out of the country’s rebel-held capital to protest Houthi restrictions on its funds.
Palestinian health officials say Israeli soldiers have shot and killed a Palestinian man in the West Bank.
A rescue group says that a Libyan coast guard boat rammed into a dingy carrying some 50 migrants just off Libya’s coast, partially sinking the vessel.
The Emirati president-designate for the upcoming United Nations COP28 climate conference has offered a full-throated defense of his nation hosting the talks.
Authorities in one province of Pakistan are turning to a controversial new tactic in the decades-long initiative to wipe out polio: prison.
A fourth Bahraini soldier has died of his wounds after an attack earlier this week by Yemen’s Houthi rebels targeted forces patrolling Saudi Arabia’s southern border.
Syrian Kurdish fighters and American forces have captured a senior member of the Islamic State group, a militant described as a “key facilitators.
A Palestinian security force has deployed in a school complex in Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp in the country’s south.
The United States has quietly acknowledged that Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard successfully put an imaging satellite into orbit this week in a launch that resembled others previously criticized by Washington as helping Tehran’s ballistic missile program.
Lebanese police say that a food delivery driver who opened fire outside the U.S. Embassy in Beirut last week allegedly did so because of a personal grudge against the guards at the compound.
Hundreds of Lebanese Armenians have scuffled with riot police outside the Azerbaijan Embassy in a northern Beirut suburb.
The United States has imposed sanctions on a former Sudanese government minister and two companies tied to the paramilitary force that’s locked in fighting with the Sudanese army.
The central banks of the United Arab Emirates and Egypt have agreed to a currency exchange deal, which could bolster the struggling Egyptian economy.
Lebanese singer and actress Najah Sallam, who surged to fame in the mid-20th century for her songs promoting pan-Arabism, has died. She was 92.
Iraq’s prime minister has visited injured patients and the families of victims in northern Iraq days after a deadly wedding fire killed around 100 people, as two more people died from their injuries and more remains were recovered.
Israel has reopened the main crossing with the Gaza Strip, allowing thousands of Palestinian laborers to enter the country for the first time since it was sealed earlier this month.
Security officials say that at least five Yemeni fighters from a secessionist group were killed in clashes with suspected al-Qaida militants in the country’s south.
Israel’s Supreme Court spent eight hours Thursday hearing a challenge to a law that makes it harder to remove a sitting prime minister.
Russia is accusing the United States of promoting Israel’s normalization of relations with Arab nations and circumventing an Arab initiative launched by Saudi Arabia in 2002, which calls for a settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before any diplomatic recognition of Israel.
Israeli police say that six people have been killed in shootings in northern Israel, including five in a single mass shooting.
Israel’s internal security agency says it has arrested five Palestinians in a plot allegedly hatched in Iran to target and spy on senior Israeli politicians, including the country’s far-right national security minister.
Bahrain’s military says a third soldier has died of his wounds after an attack by Yemeni rebels on a Bahraini contingent patrolling Saudi Arabia’s southern border.
Bahrain has sentenced 13 prisoners to an additional three years in prison over a sit-in held in 2021 that prison authorities say was violent.
The Biden administration has admitted Israel into a select group of countries whose citizens are allowed to travel to the United States without getting a visa in advance.
The Israeli army says its airstrikes have hit several targets in the Gaza Strip after Palestinian protesters flocked for the 12th straight day to the enclave’s frontier with Israel — demonstrations that have devolved into violent clashes with Israeli security forces.
A rights group says Egyptian authorities have detained at least 73 people campaigning for a challenger to incumbent President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi in the December election.
Saudi Arabia’s newly appointed envoy to the Palestinian Authority has presented his credentials to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
Lebanese police say security forces have detained a man suspected of being behind last week’s shooting outside the U.S. embassy near Beirut.
Bahrain’s military command says a drone attack by Yemen’s Houthi rebels killed a Bahraini officer and soldier who were patrolling Saudi Arabia’s southern border.
Egypt says it will hold a presidential election over three days in December with President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi highly likely to prolong his stay in power until 2030.
U.S.-backed Kurdish-led forces have imposed a curfew in parts of eastern Syria after new clashes erupted with rival Arab militiamen.
Archaeologists say they have discovered dozens of ancient graves including two rare sarcophagi made of lead in an ancient cemetery in the Gaza Strip.
The Israeli military said it struck militant sites in Gaza for the third day in a row, after Palestinian militants near the border fence launched incendiary balloons into Israel and threw an explosive at soldiers.
Security researchers say a leading Egyptian opposition politician was targeted with Predator spyware after announcing a president bid.