A Missouri high school teacher has been placed on leave after officials discovered that she was performing on a pornography website to supplement her salary.
An Ohio high school football coach says he was forced to resign by his school district and intended no harm after he and his team repeatedly used “Nazi” as a game call.
A Phillies fan and his emotional support alligator were denied entrance to watch Philadelphia host Pittsburgh.
A moose which was found wandering down the tracks of the Stockholm subway and causing havoc was shot dead by a wildlife ranger on Wednesday after the service on the southern part of a busy line had to be suspended.
The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum has obtained an original 1858 photograph of the future president with an interesting backstory.
Five flamingos that showed up in Wisconsin to wade along a Lake Michigan beach attracted a big crowd of onlookers eager to see the unusual visitors venturing far from their usual tropical setting.
A 10-year-old Florida boy and his 11-year-old sister who were running away to California drove 200 miles in their mother’s car before they were stopped by sheriff’s deputies on highway.
Police say a 2-year-old girl who walked away from her home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with two family dogs was found hours later asleep in the woods using one of the canines as a furry pillow.
Some names are just the wurst. Just four months after announcing that the hot dog-shaped Wienermobile was changing its name to the Frankmobile, the distinctive wiener on wheels is reverting to the original.
A lion cub, only a few months old, has been taken to a zoo in northern Serbia after it was found wandering on a local road.
Israeli authorities are trying to figure out how a tank was stolen from a military training zone in northern Israel.
A poker player who said he had terminal cancer and accepted thousands of dollars in donations so he could play in a World Series of Poker tournament in Las Vegas now admits it was all a lie.
A woman was rescued Tuesday from an outhouse toilet in northern Michigan after she climbed in to retrieve her Apple Watch and became trapped.
Two bears have raided a Krispy Kreme doughnut van that was stopped outside a convenience store on an Alaska military base.
A Florida reptile park has taken in an alligator that lost its nose and upper jaw to a fight or boat propeller.
London police have arrested a 25-year-old man after he allegedly climbed over a wall and entered the royal stables at Buckingham Palace.
Counting nose hairs in cadavers, repurposing dead spiders and explaining why scientists lick rocks, are among the winning achievements in this year’s Ig Nobels, the prize for humorous scientific feats.
An Arizona man called a snake removal company after seeing what he thought were three rattlesnakes lurking in the garage of his Mesa home. He was wrong.
Police bodycam video from Springfield, Missouri, has filmed an unusual foot pursuit, as two officers tried to catch an escaped lemur.
Authorities say a wandering bull moose has been captured in downtown Santa Fe and relocated to a suitable habitat in northern New Mexico.
A tortilla chip maker’s decision to pull its extremely spicy product from store shelves following the death of a teen has renewed attention on dares marketed by brands and spread widely online.
A Connecticut city burned to the ground by Benedict Arnold is getting payback in a fiery, annual festival.
Authorities say a Vermont armed robbery suspect who eluded capture in the past week in a vehicle, on a stolen bike, on foot and in a stolen sailboat has been arrested after he was spotted in a kayak on a river.
A Norwegian man using a metal detector has found nine pendants, three rings and 10 gold pearls someone might have worn as showy jewelry 1,500 years ago.
China’s Great Wall has been pierced by Genghis Khan, the Manchus, and now, allegedly, a couple of construction workers named Zheng and Wang who wanted a shortcut.
A fancy-looking French angelfish that was found one day with a funny float has its buoyancy back after taking some time out of its tropical trappings to get a CT scan at the Denver Zoo.